deposits of the past,
re-imagined for today.

Ome is offering Tenants and Landlords the world’s first ePosit.

An ePosit is the only genuine deposit protection alternative. It is completely free and offers unrivalled security and protection.

It allows Tenants to manage and protect their own money whilst providing security and incentives to both Tenants and Landlords to do the right thing.

never lose sight of your money.
Your money will never leave your ome account, giving you ultimate visibility.
grow your finances for the future.
Your long term financial success is now the priority.
your money,
in your control.
You hold the key to your ePosit. No one has access to your money without your say so.


Plan for your next move by setting
saving goals and spreading the costs
over a longer period of time.


Track your outgoings as you pay your rent, utilities and services through the ome app.


All the money in your ome account is safe. Any money locked in your ePosit stays in your account until you agree to release some/all to your Landlord when you leave the property.

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